Laguna Niguel Extends Congregate Living Moratorium to Address Sober Living Homes

Update 9/19/17: The City Council clarified at tonight’s meeting that the moratorium only applies to unlicensed facilities.

On Tuesday night, the Laguna Niguel City Council, in order to address the ever growing problems surrounding sober living homes, held a public hearing regarding the moratorium on new congregate living facilities. The council’s goal was to gauge the community’s response and extend the moratorium another year. The public overwhelmingly supports the freeze on sober living homes; there was not a single dissenting opinion voiced at the meeting. The council voted to extend the moratorium, and over the next year the city will look to amend the municipal code in order to ban congregate living facilities from residential neighborhoods.

You can find more information regarding Orange County’s issue with Sober Living Homes here.

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