Rent Control Rejected in Santa Ana

On the issue of rising rents in Orange County, the Santa Ana City Council took the prudent approach and will look into alternatives to rent control.

As stated by the California Apartment Association,

During the council’s comment period, not one council member expressed support for rent control.

Instead, council members directed staff to provide a report on the city’s current rental housing policies and progress. This includes the city’s current Proactive Rental Enforcement Program and the working group it created to review conditions of the city’s rental housing stock. The council also asked staff to report back on the balance of funds used by the city to take possession of unfit rental housing properties. Read More

Rent control is an extremely dangerous approach to dealing with our current affordable housing crisis.  The consequences have proven time and time again to be disastrous. Those consequences include:

  • An even more limited housing stock as those in rent controlled units tend to stay in or sublet their units.
  • A reduction in new housing development as investors fail to see a return.
  • A more quickly aging housing stock as property owners have less to reinvest.

The better solution is that of increased supply.  Demand has simply far outpaced supply for a long time.  Communities need to look at creative ways of building housing without losing their character.


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