Anti-Homeownership Tax Bill Passes House of Representatives

The Tax Reform Bill (HR 1) that Realtors® opposed, passed the House of Representatives today by a vote of 227 to 205. Thirteen Republicans voted against the bill, including two of our local members, Dana Rohrabacher and Darrell Issa.

Next, the Senate will vote on their version of the bill which has some key differences. The Senate bill keeps the current mortgage interest deduction at $1,000,000, but completely eliminates the ability to write off state and local taxes, which includes your property taxes. If the Senate is successful in passing their bill, the reconciliation process begins, in which the two bills will need to be brought in line with each other. After reconciliation the Senate and House will vote on the new version of the bill. If passage is successful the bill will go to President Trump for his signature.

How Your Members of Congress Voted

 VotedTwitter Handle
Mimi WaltersYes@RepMimiWalters
Ed RoyceYes@RepEdRoyce
Lou CorreaNo@RepLouCorrea
Dana RohrabacherNo@DanaRohrabacher
Darrell IssaNo@DarrellIssa

Please take the time to thank your members of congress who voted No

Dana Rohrabacher (202) 225-2415
Darrell Issa (202) 225-3906
Lou Correa (202)-225-2965

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